Man Made

The exhibition will take place at the shop in Chilcompton - - every day from August 7th until August 31st.  Admission is free.

I’m pretty certain that this is the first time an entire exhibition has been devoted exclusively to the work of males of all abilities. Nothing that has been offered has been turned down. The few shows that I’ve read about in the States exhibit the work of professionals quilters or at the very least, highly rated individuals – everything is ‘juried’ and faultless.

But our show is different. Yes, it will also show the work of professionals of the highest international standard (one of whom has twice won the Vistors’ Choice award at Houston). But as well as these quilts there will also be outstanding quilts made by ‘amateurs’.  There will be the highly impressive work of children.  Nicholas Ball, author of Inspiring Improv, is contributing quilts. Others are arriving from prize-winner quilters in Canada and the USA. 

Contributors’ ages run from eight to 78 - like the one above (there may be older ones, but if so they’re keeping shtum). There are quilts made by prisoners. Two quilters who were widowed 18 months ago and have since taken up the needle - having never threaded one before.  Then there’s a vast quilt made by The Tent Makers of Cairo (that one is 624 times larger than smallest ones on show).

Why are we doing this?  We have long been aware of the many men who beaver away, creating beautiful quilts in their spare rooms, unsure of their own ability, and with no one to share their enthusiasm. As a result, we are staging this three-week long exhibition to showcase, exclusively, man-made quilts. Ninety-three quilts covering the whole range of ability. 

What do the contributors have in common?  They all have a direct link to MQ themselves or were introduced to us by our customers.

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