Longarm Quilter


We are able to offer a prompt and professional longarm quilting service and are very fortunate in having two outstanding operators who make every effort to give each quilt the best finish possible.

Would you like to have your quilt ‘longarmed’ by us?  

You will need an appointment - please ring 01761239333 to book a slot or email us at longarm@midsomerq.com with a contact number to enable us to discuss things.

Preparing the top - if your have seams that are at right angles to the edge of the quilt, please stay stitch about 1/4" from the edge. These seams can open when the quilt is tensioned.  Stay stitching prevents this.

If adding a border PLEASE check the correct way to add a border. If there is too much fullness in the border, it is possible that there will be pleats in the finished top.

How to add a border - First measure a seam along the top, measure a seam along the bottom, and measure down the middle of the quilt. Take the average of the three measurements and cut your top and bottom borders to match. Then complete the same steps of finding the center, lining up the ends and pinning the sections together.

You will also find a number of U Tube videos to help.

When you bring or send your quilt we need the three parts (the pieced top, the batting/wadding and the backing) all separate.

VERY IMPORTANT! If you are providing the backing, make sure that both it and the wadding/batting are at least 8" wider and 8" longer than your quilt top. If you have already trimmed the wadding and backing it may not be big enough for us to proceed.   Backings made with multiple pieces are difficult to use and can produce a poor result so we do not use them.  Nor can we quilt two tops together to give a double sided quilt.  If you need width in your backing, it is not uncommon to have two lengths joined - this works well but  DONOT add a 4" border to get the necessary 8" longer and wider. Please talk to one of us if you have any problems understanding. 

Please DO NOT BASTE your quilt. If you have basted it, but are able to separate the layers, it can then be quilted.  However, if you have ‘spray-glue basted’ the layers we shall be unable to undertake the longarming as they will be sticky.

Please ensure that all seams in the quilt top are secure, and that any loose threads have been removed.  

Please, if necessary, stay-stitch around the edge within the ¼" seam allowance, (and it would be necessary if there are seams that could possibly separate during the longarming).

BINDING   We don’t offer a basting service but binding is an optional additional service. Let us know if you are interested.

We will be pleased to advise you in advance of the likely charge there will be to process your quilt though there may be a small additional charge if, for instance, we have to remove loose threads; stay-stitch around top; join backing or carry out small repairs such as securing gaps or loose stitching. 

Getting your quilt to us:

Ideally, you would deliver it to the shop in person.  Alternatively you can post it to us and when we receive it we will contact you to let you know it has arrived safely and to discuss your requirements. We will also give you an up-to-date indication of the likely time for completion.

If you have any particular concerns, please call and tell us about them.

Returning your quilt to you:

It would be good if you could collect it in person. (Do note our opening days/hours.) Alternatively we could post the completed quilt back to you.

We have successfully undertaken some major restoration work on quilts but, if for any reason, we do not feel able to do your quilt justice, we will tell you.

If you require any more information please ring the shop on 01761239333 or email Longarm@midsomerq.com.