Date Course
November 9th Beginners Part E3 Ann Hibberd

November 12th

Christmas Stained Glass

Ann Hibberd
November 19th  Long Tail Tit Angela Knapp
November 25th - December 19th inclusive 12x12 Exhibition 
November 26th Storm at Sea Ann Hibberd
January 21st  Beginners Part 1A Ann Hibberd
February 4th  Exploring Dresden Plate Ann Hibberd
February 8th   Part 1 Beginners  Ann Hibberd
February 25th Landscape/Seascape Trease Lane
March 4th  Beginners Part 2A Ann Hibberd
March 11th To Be Confirmed Nicholas Ball
March 12th To Be Confirmed Nicholas Ball
March 15th
Part 2 Beginners 
Ann Hibberd
March 18th  Paint, Applique,
Stephanie Crawford
April 15th Beginners 3A Ann Hibberd
April 19th
Part 3 Beginners 
Ann Hibberd
May 13th Wild Animal Applique  Matthew Anderson
May  20th Playing with New York Beauty Ann Hibberd
May 27th 
Long Tail Tit
Angela Knapp