MQ’s 12”x12” Challenge Exhibition 2024 

This year’s Challenge is to create a 12”x12” mini-quilt on the theme:

'Bucket List/ Wishes'

Every 12x12 entered is included in a month-long exhibition at the end of the year. We have now shown in excess of 1000 and not one has ever been excluded.  In the past we’ve several times shown the work of international prize winners alongside that of a complete beginner, often a child.  And there is no upper or lower age limit.

We would like any submissions at the shop on or before  Friday November 1st

Some of the 12x12s that have been seen in our previous Challenges may be viewed in the Flickr collections that may be accessed from the Exhibition page of our website: MidsomerQ.com

Your mini-quilt remains your property unless you let us know that you’re prepared for it to be donated for a secret auction during the exhibition, in aid of Dorothy House Hospice. Nowadays the Challenge normally raises in excess of £3000 for the hospice. However, there is no expectation that your quilt should be offered for sale. Every 12x12 shown contributes to the success of the project. The more quilts we exhibit, the more folk come to see them, so every 12x12 contributes to the overall success - and consequently the greater the amount raised for Dorothy House.

This year’s promises to be the best yet and hopefully your work will be part of it!

Your interpretation can be whatever you choose and your ‘entry’ may be accompanied by a maximum of 60 words, (it could be a lot fewer!) explaining - however loosely - your motivation or reasoning.  If your words can be emailed directly to me - chkippy@icloud.com - it would save me a huge amount of time transcribing them! 

Please let us know in advance if you plan to include more than four 12s.  Also, if you belong to a group from which several of you are providing ‘entries’ do please let me know so that we can acknowledge your taking part on the accompanying labels.

There is no fee for entering.

There is no need to provide a sleeve for hanging.

Your 12x12(s) should be handed in or sent to the shop to arrive no later than Friday, November 3rd  - though obviously we’re happy to receive them much earlier. 

When will the exhibition be open?  We plan to open from Friday November 24th 2022 and will run until Monday 18th December when we shut for Christmas

The following details should be sewn or pinned to the back of your quilt:

Your name:

Email address:

Postal address:

Phone number(s):

Please state VERY CLEARLY whether we may offer your entry for sale by secret auction in aid of Dorothy House:

If your 12x12 is not offered for sale please let us know how you would like it returned to you?  (The easiest way would be for you to let us have, with it, a stamped addressed envelope, but we are more than happy to retain it until it is convenient for you to pick up, any day from 4pm on Monday December 19th)

In the past, many of the 12x12s that were not reclaimed within a year of their showing, have been forwarded to Dorothy House for them to offer for sale in one of their fund-raising outlets.

Photography will be allowed at the exhibition.

Images of individual 12x12 quilts may appear on our own or other websites as well as in quilting publications.

Having read all this, please let us know if you intend to accept the challenge.

And if you do accept, then many thanks - we look forward to seeing your entry (entries).

If you need more information about our Challenges, please contact us:

Shop 01761 239333     Chris’s email: chkippy@icloud.com