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How We Started

Paradise Discovered

The seeds of Midsomer Quilting were sown on an Amish farm, close to Paradise, in Pennsylvania, on August 17th, 1992. My wife, Birgitta, and I were staying with my cousin Harlan a Congregational Minister who casually asked if we would like to visit an Amish friend and his family. Would we! Very few people - even the closest neighbours of the Amish - ever get such an invitation. The day was one of the most privileged of my life.

John and Emma King and their beautiful family were wonderful hosts. They welcomed us, explained their lifestyle and took us around their farm, showing us the animals and the beautiful buggies that John makes. We were then invited us to share a meal with them! Bliss. And then it happened. John asked Emma to show us the quilts that she makes. We were then enthralled as we watched two of their little girls - who were, perhaps, five or six years old - routinely practise the finest of stitch-work. The die was cast. And life really hasn't been the same since!

Birgitta and our close friend De Pickford long shared craft interests such as sewing, cross-stitching samplers and dressmaking they were both heavily (delicately!) into lace making but now they both threw themselves into patchwork and quilting (and their lace making equipment now gathers dust in our lofts). The idea of having our own quilting shop developed steadily until the beginning of 2004 when at last we found the ideal location - a two storied barn, in the grounds of Norton Green Garden Centre in our own village.

Well, for half a year we negotiated, designed, fabricated and built until the premises were transformed from a store room with offices upstairs, into De’s ideal shop and classroom

Birgitta and I have since revisited our Amish friends and continue to be grateful to them. Without their inspiration all of this may not have happened.

A few years ago, during an interview with Patchwork and Quilting, Birgitta said: It is not at all what we thought running a shop would be like - it is so much better . . .  We have made so many friends.

And that’s exactly how it continues to be but more so.  Every day is exciting. It’s far more like a marvellous club than a shop - and we’re so grateful to you for making it so.  We feel privileged to be members.

What a fabulous place for quilters, and what friendly and helpful people. I cannot recommend it highly enough. They have thought of everything, including a lounge area, suitable for the husbands with coffee on tap. (Don’t worry - we do have Mike’s blessing to use this picture!) What a wonderful array of materials to choose from and I wish I lived in the area as the classes they put on are out of this world. (We were invited to look in on a class in progress and the tutor was so inviting.) If you need a specific material, as I did, I am sure you will find it there and the staff are so helpful and their knowledge of their stock etc is second to none. If you are in the area please go even if you are not a quilter, you might get inspiration from the quilts on display.                                                                  Margaret on Tripadvisor