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Midsomer Quilting Classes

June 2017

Please note that the amount charged for all classes includes VAT.

‘Beginners plus’ indicates that you are an established quilter or have attended a quilting course for beginners.

Ann says: Rather than cutting one single fabric at a time, multiple layers of fabric are stacked in a single pile and then cut simultaneously. Usually six layers of fabric are cut at once in an accurate fashion and once all the pieces are cut, each ‘stack’ is sewn back together to make hexagonal quilt blocks. Each block is different and the end result can be stunning.


10am to 4pm     


Saturday June 17th

Sewing Machine Required!

Ann Hibberd


Contemporary block quilts are in a category of their own: within an underlying structure, the blocks are built improvisationally, in a variety of sizes and colour combinations. Each participant will first choose their own basic block structure from a few simple drawings, and piece one first block to test the design, using the teachers’ instructions for making fine pieced lines. They will then construct several more blocks, with improvisational variations of size, colour and style. The blocks will be joined together into a small top, and layered. Participants will then start quilting the piece using a combination of free-machine embroidery, and the (often unused) decorative pattern stitches in the sewing machine. The work will need to be finished at home.


10am to 4pm     


Saturday June 24th

Sewing Machine Required!

Alicia Merrett