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Our 12” x12” Challenge ‘Rules’ 2017

A reminder that our Challenges are restricted to visitors to Midsomer Quilting. This is to give our customers – or Friends and Family, as someone has called them – an opportunity to demonstrate their extraordinary talents.

This year your challenge is to create a 12” x 12” mini-quilt on the theme “WHERE IN THE WORLD?” But if it makes things easier just think of it as “WHERE”? Taking part in our Challenges is limited to anyone, from anywhere around the world, who has actually visited Midsomer Quilting, in Chilcompton.   Our aim is to give every one of our customers and friends an opportunity to demonstrate their remarkable talents but the whole exercise is intended to be fun and is absolutely non-judgemental. The work of international prizewinners have often been displayed alongside that of a complete beginner, child or adult.  There is no age limit. In 2016 the age range of quilters taking part was from 8 to 87.

Your mini-quilt remains your property unless you let us know that you’re prepared for it to be sold (by secret auction during the exhibition) in aid of Dorothy House Hospice. Last year the Challenge raised in the region of £3,400 for the hospice.  However, there is no expectation that your quilt should be offered for sale. The more quilts we are able to display the greater will be the audience the exhibition will attract so every 12x12 exhibited contributes to the overall success and consequently the more substantial the amount raised.


Your interpretation can be whatever you choose and your ‘entry’ may be accompanied by A MAXIMUM of 70 words, (it could be a lot fewer!) explaining - however loosely - your motivation or reasoning. If your words can be emailed directly to me - ch.kippy@talktalk.net - it would save me a huge amount of time transcribing them!

There is no limit to the number of entries from one individual (or group)

There is no fee for entering.

There is no need to provide a sleeve for hanging.

Your 12x12(s) should be handed in or sent to the shop to arrive no later than Saturday, November 2nd  – though obviously we’re happy to receive them much earlier.  The first three had already been received by Monday, January 9th!

All entries will be displayed at the shop every day from Friday, November 24th, until Monday, December 18th.

The following details should be attached to the back of your quilt:

Your name:


Phone number(s):

Email address if you have one:

Arrangements for its return or disposal:  (eg. A pre-paid postage return label can be obtained from the Post Office.) The easiest way would be for you to collect it from the shop, and those entries not offered for sale may be collected during our normal opening times any time after the final day of the exhibition.

Please state VERY CLEARLY whether we may offer your entry for sale by secret auction in aid of Dorothy House:

For no reason other than curiosity we’ll again ask visitors to the exhibition to nominate their three favourite quilts.

Photography will be allowed at the exhibition.

Images of individual 12x12 quilts may appear on our own or other websites as well as in quilting publications.

Having read all this, please let us know if you intend to accept the challenge.   And if you do accept, then many thanks - we look forward to seeing your entry (entries).

If you need more information about this year’s Challenge, please contact us:

Shop Tel: 01761 239333     Email is: ch.kippy@talktalk.net